Maui Electric Vehicles Update!

Maui Joins World EV Cities & Ecosystems Website 

Maui is the 22nd partner city, after London, to join the World EV Cities website, a collaboration between UC Davis Institute for Transportation Studies PHEV Center, Rocky Mountain Institute, Clean Energy Ministerial, and International Energy Agency.  The World EV Cities & Ecosystems "web portal has been developed to facilitate cooperation, inspiration, and sharing of practical experiences between cities and regions around the world that are encouraging clean, low carbon forms of transportation."  You can download their 2012 World EV Cities Casebook here and the new Global EV Outlook here. Anne Ku, Maui EVA director, presented a poster at the NextSTEPS Spring 2013 Symposium at UC Davis, 20-21 May 2013.

Where are the charging stations on Maui?

For EV drivers, it's very important to know where to charge, oftentimes before deciding where to go. What's needed is a single, reliable source to find the most up-to-date, accurate, and complete information about the availability of charging access on Maui. A static list such as the one we have compiled from time to time, stemming from the list of electric permits issued for new installations, works only if stations never break down or shut down.

Bio-Beetle ECO Car Rental was the first to track charging stations on Maui for their clients. They still maintain such a list on their website. The Hawaii State Energy Office also keeps a database of all public charging stations in the state which they submit to the Department of Energy's Alternative Fueling Station Locator for the entire USA. Third-party websites have sprouted everywhere as they allow charging station manufacturers, charging networks, EV owners, and just about anyone to update information about charging station location, availability, fees, etc. Their ease of use through free mobile app downloads to smart phones is one reason for their popularity.


Originally posted through the Maui Electric Vehicle Alliance, June 2013 Newsletter.

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